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Photo of Michelle Elliott.

Please read on to find out a bit more about your teacher Michelle Elliott, my pilates learning journey and passion for improving both the mind and body through pilates.

Always active as a child, teenager and now an adult, I first discovered pilates following a whiplash injury. Pilates practice quickly became a wonderful complement to osteopath treatments for neck and back pain caused by the whiplash. Through regular pilates practice, I soon re-discovered the joy of free movement and found that I could strengthen and lengthen not only my neck and back muscles, but my whole body all by myself! Within a few months, I was able to reduce visits to my brilliant osteopath from weekly to monthly and then to only as-and-when.

This experience and years of suffering from lower back pain as a teenager inspired me to train as a pilates teacher with the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) widely seen as Europe’s foremost professional body for Pilates teachers. All members work to the code of practice, which governs teaching standards, professional ethics & continuing education. The Body Control method is a contemporary form of pilates accessible to everyone regardless of age, ability and specific joint or back problems.

In 2012, I qualified as a Back4Good® Practitioner and a Level 4 lower back pain advanced exercise instructor. All Back4Good® Practitioners are registered with BackCare, the charity for healthier backs.

Inspired and in love with the larger pilates equipment since my first visit to a pilates studio, I began my large apparatus training in 2015, I’m now lucky enough to have this equipment in my home studio.

In recent years, I have delved deeper into classical pilates- Joe’s original method of teaching. I regularly take matwork and pilates equipment lessons for my own body in the classical pilates method and this wonderful method has also influenced my teaching style.

In 2018, I began my training to become a Level 4 pilates instructor which is the highest level of training in contemporary pilates, this may take some time…

My teaching style is tailored to individual needs, so you progress safely and effectively to achieve your goals- be that running a marathon, rehabilitation, to or the ability to move more efficiently with ease and less pain.

2021 – Pregnancy and post-natal pilates qualification – level 3 award in designing pilates programmes for pregnant and post-natal clients

2020 – High intensity power pilates

2020 – Tanya Thompson knee complex webinar

2020 -Cervical spine integration – Cameron Angus

2019 – Tanya Thomson shoulder stability

2019 – Osteoporosis / bone health review and update

2018 – Level 4 pilates teacher 2 day workshop: Movement

2017 – Psoas clever guy of the pelvis -Cameron Angus

2016 – Reformer qualification – can teach to intermediate level on the reformer, cadillac and chair

2016 – Kendra Pilates Franklin method: Imagery for a healthy spine

2016 – Bone Health qualification – level 3 award in designing pilates programmes for bone health (osteoperosis and osteopenia)

2016 – Feldenkrais method: Healthy computing

2015 – Kendra Pilates Franklin method: Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders

2015 – Reformer 1, chair 1 and cadillac 1 courses

2012 – Level 4 lower back pain advanced exercise instructor

2011 – Toning circle with Conchita Del Campo

2011 – Pilates with the band

2010 – Conchita Del Campo’s Balls Workshop

2009 – Intermediate matwork teacher course

2009 – Matwork certification update

2008 – Level 3 pilates teacher qualification